Training Dates

12-16 February 2018. 


Training Description

The Skilled Thinking And Reasoning (STAR) programme is a new and innovative intervention designed by Dr Young to teach children psychological techniques to improve their self-control and prosocial competence. Using the metaphor of a detective to understand personal emotions, children learn skills of self-regulation, concentration and problem solving.  It is based on policing skills techniques used by New Scotland Yard which promote problem-solving procedures of Scanning the environment, Analysing information, Responding in an appropriate way and Assessing the outcome (SARA). The technique has been adapted for use by children in a fun and imaginative way and draws on the appeal of them developing real life detective skills.


The programme will be led by Dr Susan Young, an international expert in the psychological management and treatment of neurodevelopmental disorders, and trained facilitators at a private venue. Both the child and one family member (or carer) will attend the non-residential bootcamp on five days from 09.30–17.00.

Using role play, group and individual discussions, fun games and exercises, the child will be introduced to Thinking Tools which will remind them to use the techniques they need to improve their ways of thinking and behaving. Each child will receive a ‘STAR Detective Workbook’ to use in the group sessions of the STAR Programme.


What are the aims of the STAR Programme?

STAR is a cognitive behavioural group intervention delivered to children that includes individual coaching sessions for use with families. It aims to build awareness of emotions, self-regulation and critical reasoning skills. It is unique in combining skills training for children AND one family member or carer by teaching children the skills they need to:

* Regulate and manage their emotions and behaviour

* Improve self-confidence and develop pro-social competence.

* Problem-solve more effectively

And teaching one family member or carer the skills they need to:

* Better support their child by learning coaching techniques

* Help their child to transfer the skills learnt in the intervention into their daily lives.


Who Should Attend

The bootcamps are designed specifically for children aged 8-16 who have cognitive, behavioural, social and/or emotional difficulties at home and/or at school. These are delivered by the following age ranges:

* Children of 8-10 years

* Children of 10-12 years (children have the option of attending the bootcamp for either 8-10 years or the bootcamp for 10 - 12 years)

* Children of 13-16 years (this will be based on a more mature version of the STAR Programme). 

STAR Programme Topics

* Pay Attention and be a Good Detective

* Police Detective Problem Solving Skills

* Controlling feelings of Anger

* Controlling feelings of Anxiety

* Social relationships and understanding Others

* Analysing Problems

* Solving Problems

* Planning for the Future (adolescent programme)


A Typical Day at Bootcamp

* STAR group session

* Individual session between child and family member or carer

* Morning Break

* Supervised game activity designed to develop skills

* Lunch

* STAR group session

* Individual session between child and family member or carer

* Afternoon Break

* Supervised reward activity.


What other experts say………...

“The programme is scientifically grounded and yet clearly fun for children with attentional, emotional, social and behavioural problems and instructive for their parents.” Professor Peter Hill, Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, London 

“STAR can foster understanding and hope for children and their parents of the potential to build skills…. The activities are educational, fun, engaging and child friendly.” Professor Margaret Weiss, Department of Psychiatry, University of   Arkansas for Medical Science.



The training will take place at an exclusive property in London.


Cost - Bootcamp age 10-12 years - 12-16 February 2018

Early bird rate of £2,000 until 7th January 2018.  Thereafter £2,500. Places are limited and early booking is advised.

For payment and registration please click the Registration tab in the grey menu to left of this window.  Scroll down for the payment button at the end of the Registration page. 

Registration will not be confirmed without payment.  No refund for cancellations made within 15 days of the event. Cancellations made prior to that will incur an administrative fee.



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