Top Tips

Get advice and guidance on helping your child manage problems and difficulties from internationally recognised expert Dr Susan Young.  Go to Susan's YouTube Channel to watch Top Tips on topics of hyperactivity, inattention, impulsivity, frustration and anger, anxiety, low mood and depression, managing stress, planning ahead, problem-solving skills and social relationships.

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Psycho-educational Materials for ADHD

Written by Jade Smith and Susan Young and referenced in 'Helping Children with ADHD: A CBT Guide for Practitioners, Parents and Teachers' (published by Wiley, 2017), these are psycho-educational materials available free to download.

(1) ADHD? Information for Parents, Carers and Teachers

(2) So I have ADHD

For parents, carers, teachers   for children

Central Control

Learn to combat feelings of stress and anxiety using Central Control. Central Control is a psychological intervention that induces relaxation of mind and body by teaching progressive muscle techniques, breathing techniques and mental imagery.

Do's, Don'ts and Rewards: A Guide for Parents and Carers of Children with ADHD

These materials will provide parents and carers of children with ADHD with some useful tips and general advice on what you should and should not do to help make raising a child with atttentional and/or behavioural problems easier.

Do's, Don'ts and Rewards

Strategies for Sleep Problems

Written by Jade Smith and Susan Young and referenced in 'Helping Children with ADHD: A CBT Guide for Practitioners, Parents and Teachers' (published by Wiley, 2017), download here advice to support children with sleep problems.


Video recordings of presentations

View here two presentations by Professor Susan Young.  The first is 'ADHD: Avoiding the Twilight Zone' which discusses the transition for young people with ADHD from childhood to adulthood.  The second is 'ADHD: Making the Invisible Visible' which summarises the Expert White Paper presented to the European Parliament in April 2013 (the White Paper is available for downloading in the Resources section of this website).  Both presentations can be downloaded with the option of simultaneous French translation.

Twilight Zone English   Twilight Zone French   Invisible Visible English   Invisible Visible French

ADHD in Adolescence

The psychoeducational materials in this course have been independently reviewed and assessed for their learning value by the CPD Certification Service. They were certified in November 2013 (Certification No. C984T2) as conforming to continuing professional development principles. As such they will be useful in developing individual competencies and provide learners with knowledge they can apply in practice.

ADHD in Adolescence   CPD Certificate

ADHD and offending

The European Brain Council interviewed Professor Susan Young about ADHD and offending and published the article in their 2015 Newsletter, which is widely circulated around the European commission/parliament.  The newsletter can be downloaded by clicking the link below and the article “ADHD in Prisons: treat the offenders, reduce the crime” is on page 18. 

EBC news article Online Resources

ADHD, making the Invisible Visible

An Expert White Paper on attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD): policy solutions to address the societal impact, costs and long-term outcomes, in support of affected individuals.

Expert White Paper Online Resources