Diagnostic Autism Spectrum Interview [DASI]

The Diagnostic Autism Spectrum Interview [DASI]  is a semi-structured clinical interview developed by Professor Susan Young to support healthcare practitioners in the assessment and diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder. DASI guides the assessor to complete a comprehensive and relevant background interview, assess symptoms of autism and possible co-existing conditions.

DASI includes an optional section, the Observational Record, that aims to supplement the clinical interview with objective information.  This provides a structure to assess, observe and record the client's performance when presented with specific tasks to objectively assess communication, understanding emotions, understanding of the environment and social situations, imagination and creativity, and their behavioural presentation in more general terms.  

DASI is free to download and distribute. On-line training is currently being developed.  Please contact us if you are interested in translating DASI into other languages.  

DASI English