Continuing Professional Development Certification

The psychoeducational materials in this course have been independently reviewed and assessed for their learning value by the CPD Certification Service. They were certified in November 2013 (Certification No. C984T2) as conforming to continuing professional development principles. As such they will be useful in developing individual competencies and provide learners with knowledge they can apply in practice.

A 'Test your Knowledge Quiz' is presented in the Appendix that can be completed before and after reading the modules to assess improvement in knowledge. The answers to the quiz are as follows:


1. A 5. B 9. C 13. A
2. A 6. C 10. A 14. B
3. D 7. B 11. B 15. D
4. D 8. D 12. B 16. C

Professional Advisory/Resource Groups

UK ADHD Partnership (UKAP)

UK Adult ADHD Network (UKAAN)

National and Local Support Groups

The National Attention Deficit Disorder Information and Support

'The site for and by adults with ADHD'

Living with

ADD / ADHD Online


Baldock/ Hitchin/ Letchworth/ Royston/ Stevenage – Angels Support Group

Brighton – ADHD Brighton Support Group

Bristol – Adult ADHD Support Group

Cambridgeshire – Cambridgeshire Adult ADHD Support Group

Chichester – The Hyperactive Children's Support Group

Dorset – Dorset ADHD Support Group

Essex – Chelmsford ADHD Support Group

Gateshead – Gateshead ADHD Support

Harrow – ADHD and Autism Support Harrow

Hertfordshire – Understanding ASD and ADHD in Hertfordshire

Lancashire – ADHD Lancashire Support Group

Lincoln – Lincoln ADHD Support Group

Liverpool – Liverpool Adult ADHD (Ladders of Life, LOL)

London – London adult ADHD support group

Manchester – Manchester Region Attention Deficit Disorder Group

Newcastle – KICK ADHD Support Group

Norfolk – CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder)

Oxfordshire – ADHD Oxfordshire

Richmond – Richmond ADHD Support Group

Scotland – Central Scotland Adult ADHD Support

West Yorkshire – West Yorkshire ADHD Support Group


The author is very grateful to the young people and their families who gave up their time to tell us their experiences, for their consent to quote what they said, and for their helpful feedback on earlier versions of the modules.

The author thanks Dr Clodagh Murphy, Dr Geoffrey Kewley, Professor Peter Hill, Emily Goodwin, Ottilie Sedgwick, Gareth Hopkin and Kiera Brown for their contribution to these modules.

Additionally, the author thanks the following for specific module contribution:

Module 4 – ADHD and Education: Mr Fin O’Regan
  Behaviour Management Consultant
Module 5 – ADHD and Employment: Mr Simon McKay
  Solicitor Advocate
  McKay Law Solicitors & Advocates
  Carlshead Business Centre
  Paddock House Lane
  LS22 4BJ
  Tel. 0845 123 5571
  Mr Chris Weaver
  Assistant Solicitor
  Payne Hicks Beach
  10 New Square
  Lincoln’s Inn
  WC2A 3QG
  Tel. 020 7465 4338

These modules have been funded and supported by Eli Lilly & Co Ltd. Lilly has reviewed the content for medical accuracy only.